ANNHUB support exporting all figures/images to high quality images ready for reporting and/or publication. To export a figure, right click on that figure to access exporting menu as shown in Figure 3.24. Users can choose an appropriate exporting method (1) and its settings (2) to get their exported image.

Figure 3.24: Accessing menu context to export performance figure to images

In the step 5, after the trained Neural Network is evaluated with the new dataset, the test results can also be exported to csv file for further analysis. To exporting the test results, users need to clink on "Export Result" button that allows users to choose a path for results to be saved as shown in Figure 3.25.

Figure 3.25: Export test results to a csv file

The results in csv file will contain original content of the test data and its predicted outputs as well as the classification outcomes as shown in Figure 3.26 bellow.

Figure 3.26: The results' content in a csv file