This section will provide users a quick introduction on a neural network, five steps to design a neural network model, and how to use ANNHUB to speed-up designing and deploying a neural network model for any applications.

1. Download ANNHUB

ANNHUB can be downloaded from ANSCENTER website

2.1 Install ANNHUB

ANNHUB can be delivered in two forms: compressed form (zip extension) or executable form (exe extenstion)

If ANNHUB software is in compressed form:

- Use unzip program such as WinRAR  or WinZip to unzip "ANNHUB_verx.x.x" software.

- In the extracted "ANNHUB_verx.x.x" folder, double click on "setup.exe" to run the ANNHUB installation process.

If ANNHUB software is in executable form:

To install ANNHUB, simply double click on the executable file.

- Follow the installation instruction and accept license agreements to finish ANNHUB installation

2.2 Install .NET Framework 4.5 or higher (required for ANNHUB version and lower)

After ANNHUB software being installed, a post installer will automatically start running to install required Visual C++ 2013 (x64) and (x86) versions and .NET Framework 4.6.2 if the .NET Framework 4.5 is not detected in the host PC as shown in the following Figure.


- If you accidentally restart your computer before allowing the post installer complete .NET Framework installation, you can run this post installer again when you login back to your computer. The post installer location is in the data folder under installed folder shown as follows:

- From ANNHUB version, the .NET Framework dependency has been removed, so the post installation is not required.

3. Launch ANNHUB

After being installed, ANNHUB can be launched from its installation folder (default installation folder located in "C:\Program Files\ANNHUB" ). When ANNHUB is launched, the login window appears to allow an user entering authentication information (username and password). This username and password are used to login both ANSCENTER website and ANSCENTER products, including ANNHUB, DLHUB and other products.


When an user changes his/her password from the ANSCENTER website, the Syn checkbox is required to be checked to synchronize authentication information between ANNHUB and ANSCENTER server. It is important as correct licenses will be updated in ANNHUB software.  


4. Purchase ANNHUB

ANNHUB comes with different license options that allow an user to port a trained neural network model into different programming languages for deployment purposes. These license options can be purchased via ANSCENTER Shop

User can purchase a specific ANNHUB license option by clicking to "Add to Cart" icon (1), and click to shopping bag icon (2) to check out.

Apply coupon code to get discount or free license.

During check-out process, coupon code (discount code) can be used to get product discount by click on "Apply discount code" (1) and hit "Apply" button (2), as follows:

5. Activate ANNHUB

Once the purchase is finalized, an user will receive a confirmation email. At this stage, user can manage his/her order history containing invoices and licenses:

Manage invoices

Manage licenses

These licenses will be updated in ANNHUB software when a user login the ANNHUB with checked "Sync" checkbox in the login dialog (described in 3. Launch ANNHUB). Otherwise, user can refresh his/her licenses in ANNHUB via  Help->Refresh License Status.

Notes: The refresh license status only works when an user does not change his/her password to login ANSCENTER website. Otherwise, please use login dialog with Sync checkbox checked for update licenses.

6. Activate ANNHUB manually (off-line)

If the user does not have INTERNET access in his/her development computer to activate the license on-line, he/she can select "Activate License Manually". It can be done in two steps.

Step 1: Get request license information.

User enters authentication information in the login dialog and click Login button (1), a dialog will popup to provide an user a request license information (2). Please copy the text in (2) and use it for step 2.


The "license request information" can also be obtained in ANNHUB Help->Generate License Request as follows.

Step 2: Get license from ANS CENTER website.

With the "request license information" obtained from step 1, user can obtain a license key by go to Customer Portal -> License Request web-page on an other internet-connected computer, and paste "request license information" into Request Information (1), click Request License button (2) as follows:

A responded page will be appeared to provide an user a license information. Please copy that license information (1) and paste to (2) in dialog of the ANNHUB software, and click OK (3) to activate ANNHUB.

7. Download Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Since ANNHUB can export a trained neural network model to different programming environments for deployment, each programming language will require APIs to load this trained model and to perform classification/regression tasks.

When an user purchases ANNHUB products for different programming languages, for example ANNHUB-LV is for LabVIEW language, according APIs for these languages  will be available in  Customer Portal-> Download APIs.

Following example is the LabVIEW API (ANNAPI) that can used in LabVIEW programming environment to import a trained model and perform intelligent tasks.