ANNHUB uses ANSCENTER Licensing System, and an user needs to register his/her account in ANS CENTER website via registration page as follows:

ANNHUB comes with two versions: Lite and Active versions. The ANNHUB Title will indicate correct version when ANNHUB is being used.

ANNHUB (Lite version) is completely free to use to design , train, evaluate and test a machine learning model. Users can also export training, evaluating and testing results in high quality images for their reports and publications. ANNHUB - lite version includes all functionalities without any limitation except for exporting a trained model to be used in production or a real-time application developed in supported programming languages.

ANNHUB (Active version) includes all functionalities that allows user to design , train, evaluate and test machine learning models (neural networks). This version also supports exporting a trained model into production or real-time applications in supported programming languages. To activate ANNHUB-active version, appropriate application programming interfaces (APIs) can be purchased via ANSCENTER Shop.


For personal usage, ANNHUB (Activate version) and LabVIEW API (ANNAPI) are completely free. This ANNHUB (Active version) can be installed in 1 development target such as a personal computer (PC), and LabVIEW applications developed by ANNAPI be deployed in 1 target PC. To activate ANNHUB and use LabVIEW ANNAPI, ANNHUB-LV product will be selected in the ANS CENTER shop website:

In order to get free ANNHUB-LV product, please use the coupon code ANNHUB-LV_FREE and go through the purchasing process described in GettingStarted.


If users wish to install ANNHUB (Active version) into multiple development targets and deploy trained machine learning model into multiple production targets, they can purchase appropriate products listed in ANSCENTER Shop to be used in supported programming languages. When a product has been purchased, activation count and deployment count for this product will be updated in our licensing system and the current single seat license will be updated to a multiple seat license automatically. Each count is equivalent to a single installation or single deployment in a new target. Users can manage their license statuses by accessing Manage Licenses in Customer Portal as follows:


The activation process is described very details in Getting Started in ANNHUB help.

NOTES:  ANNHUB active licenses is permanent and does not have any expiration dates. ANNHUB (Lite version) does not require any active licenses to be used.